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No Sugar Added Chocolate

At Ross Chocolates, we create premium No Sugar Added Chocolate for those with diabetes and others striving to eliminate sugars from their lives.

Our chocolate has the smooth, rich taste of premium chocolate that chocolate lovers crave without added sugars that increase caloric intake and blood glucose levels. Sweetened with stevia and a touch of erythritol, our newest line of chocolate – with only 2.6 net carbs per bar – has virtually no impact on blood sugars and up to 17% fewer calories than chocolate sweetened with sugar. Our legacy maltitol line has been made for 25 years and continues to be a favorite of many of our customers. Our chocolate is suitable for both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics, those on keto and low-carb diets, and, of course, those wanting to eliminate sugars from their diets.

Try each of our bars — or a pouch of our minis — to discover how good No Sugar Added chocolate can be.

Ross Chocolates — Quit Sugar, Not Chocolate!

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Our Company History

How Ross Chocolates Was Born

In 1995, our founder, Bob Ross – a chocolate lover for years – was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Although he now had to avoid eating sugars, Bob was determined to continue enjoying chocolate: Bob set out to create premium chocolate without any added sugar.

Based in his home in Scotch Creek, BC, Bob worked to find the perfect combination of cocoa beans, cocoa butter, and diabetes-safe sweeteners to make great tasting diabetes-friendly milk and dark chocolate. In 1998, Ross Chocolates began marketing No Sugar Added Chocolate bars for diabetics and others wishing to eliminate sugars from their diet.

Ross Chocolates quickly became popular and we ship millions of bars across North America and the world. For 17 years, Bob continued to create new flavour combinations, eventually having 9 flavours of maltitol-sweetened chocolate bars.

In 2015, Bob Ross reluctantly retired from chocolate making and Ross Chocolates was bought by a group of chocolate lovers who moved the production facility from Scotch Creek to a larger facility in Port Coquitlam, BC. Ross Chocolates has grown from a small chocolate operation in Bob’s kitchen into one of North America’s leading makers of No Sugar Added chocolate.

Today, Ross Chocolates continues creating the wonderful chocolate that Bob Ross always made. We have also created a new stevia-sweetened line of chocolate to create new offerings that are even easier on blood sugar levels than our original bars. In the true spirit of our founder, we continue to develop new No Sugar Added chocolate treats for those striving to eliminate sugar from their lives.

Ross Chocolates — Quit Sugar, Not Chocolate!

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Delicious and great quality! I was pleasantly surprised when I tried them for the first time. I will definitely buy them again. Thank you!

P. Oliveira Garcia

I'm not diabetic, but I have been following the keto[genic] diet a little better than a year and a half. Ross Chocolates have been my saving grace!! They are absolutely delicious!!

J. Hachey

Got Ross Chocolate as a gift and am addicted!! So tasty, sooooo creamy, and I need more!!! Being diabetic this is a treat I have been denied far too long. THANKS ROSS!!!!!

M. Walsh

I became diabetic 3 years ago and I'm sure that it was a self made problem because I have such a sweet tooth for chocolate. Since being diagnosed with type 2 I have been sneaking chocolate here and there but since I found Ross Chocolate I don't have to sneak anymore. These bars are soooo good and even if you are not diabetic please try them, they are truly amazing.

D. Kiesman

Best sugar free chocolate on the market! You won't even miss the sugar. 5 stars all around.

H.D. Pero