Do you charge for shipping?

We offer FREE shipping on orders of value above $65 (after discounts and before taxes).

For orders of value below $65, the shipping cost is calculated at checkout based on the delivery address. 

How long will the shipping take?

Shipping will take 3-10 business days depending on the shipping address.

When do you ship my order?

During the winter months:
Orders received during business days are processed and sent out within 3 business days.
Orders received during the weekend or during holidays will be processed the next business day.

During the summer months:
All orders will be shipped out Monday through Wednesday. Due to the heat, we want to limit the transit time of the packages to avoid melting.

Where do you ship?

We offer shipping to Canada and the United States.

At this time we do not offer international shipping.

What is stevia?

Stevia is a natural sweetener derived from the stevia plant. It is 100- to 300-times sweeter than regular table sugar (sucrose) and contains no carbohydrates or calories and does not affect blood sugar levels. 

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What is erythritol?

Erythritol is a natural sweetener that is a sugar alcohol. Unlike other sugar alcohols, it is not digested in the stomach or small intestine at all and, thus, does not affect blood sugar levels. It contains virtually no carbohydrates and calories. Erythritol does not cause the negative GI (gastro-intestinal) effects that other sugar alcohols do (bloating, gas, and flatulence).

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What is inulin?

Inulin is a natural fibre that is indigestible and not absorbed in the GI (gastro-intestinal) system. It does not affect blood sugars. It is prebiotic and promotes the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut. 

We add it to our chocolate to increase the fibre content and to act as a filler – along with stevia and erythritol – to replace all the sugar (sucrose) that isn’t in our chocolate.

Why does Ross use stevia and erythritol in chocolate?

Ross is always looking for sweeteners that are healthy, natural, and safe for diabetics. Currently, these are the safest non-sucrose sweeteners for diabetics available for commercial use.

Will Ross Chocolates spike my blood sugar levels?

No, it will not. 

This has been scientifically tested and Ross dark chocolate does not affect blood sugar levels. Ross milk chocolate may slightly affect sugar levels due to the milk in the recipe, but the increase is not significant.

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Milk or dark chocolate – which is better for my diabetes?

Both Ross dark and milk chocolate can be consumed by diabetics. Milk chocolate may impact blood sugars for T2D who manage their condition with diet or pills and T1D who do not count carbs because of the milk in the bar or minis. 

Our dark chocolate has been scientifically proven to have only a trace effect on blood sugar levels in both T2D and T1D.

Milk or dark chocolate – which is better for my health?

Although eating either milk or dark chocolate benefits our health, research has found that dark chocolate is better for us than milk chocolate because it contains more cocoa, which contains polyphenols and flavonols that improve many body functions. Dark chocolate is:

  • Lower in carbohydrates.
  • Lower in fat.
  • Higher in cocoa polyphenols, which lower blood pressure.
  • Higher flavonols that increase blood flow to organs and muscles.
  • Higher in the flavonol epicatechin, which is an antioxidant.
Can I eat stevia if I have diabetes?

Yes. Stevia is a safe, non-sucrose, natural sweetener that has been used for hundreds of years.

Can I eat erythritol if I have diabetes?

Yes. Erythritol is not digested in the stomach or small intestine so has no impact on blood sugar levels.

Can I eat inulin if I have diabetes?

Yes. Inulin is a prebiotic fibre that improves gut health for everyone.

Why is the chocolate looking discoloured/white?
If the chocolate looks discoloured/white or it appears to have ‘white mold’ on it, it is probably just blooming. Blooming, in chocolate, can happen when the chocolate goes through temperature changes (in the summer this can be common due to the heat, and in winter to the low temperatures). This being said, the chocolate is completely safe to eat, and the flavour profile isn’t affected.
How to read the best before date?

The best before date on our products is displayed by year, month, day.

On the bars, the best before date is located on the back, as it is displayed YY/MM/DD.

On the pouches, the best before date is located on the back, in the top right area.
If you have already opened the pouch, it’s possible that the date was on the part that was taken off when opening it.


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