Keto Verified Chocolate

Because of the wide range of maximum net carbohydrates recommended by different keto diets (between 15 to 50 grams of carbohydrates per day), Ross wants to make choosing our keto-friendly items easier for ketogenic eaters to identify with our delicious keto chocolates!

keto verified chocolate

When the Keto Verified emblem is on our packaging, it ensures the item adheres to ketogenic diet guidelines.

The Keto Verified emblem ensures an item has a net carb count of 4 gram or less per serving AND 3 gram or less of sugars per serving. It also ensures that certain ingredients are not used in our products.

How To Calculate Ross Chocolates’ Net Carbs:

Net Carbs (per serving) = Total Carbs – (Sugar Alcohols* + Total Fiber**)

* Because the sugar alcohol used in Ross Chocolates is erythritol, which is not digested into the blood stream at all, we can deduct all the sugar alcohol when calculating net carbs rather than the usual one-half (or 50%) of the sugar alcohol value.

** Unlike other chocolates, Ross Chocolates are high in fiber, which ensures their net carbs per serving are low.

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No Sugar Added Chocolate