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Ross Chocolates firmly believes that everyone should enjoy eating chocolate, including people striving to eliminate sugar from their diet.

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An exceptionally tasty No Sugar Added chocolate

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All our products are gluten-free and for all those people that can’t eat it.


We only use the best non-GMO ingredients on the market.

Low Cholesterol

Lowering the risk of heart disease is important to us, that’s why our chocolate is low cholesterol.

High Fibre

Our chocolate is high in fibre to help control blood sugar levels and promote healthier gut bacteria.

Delicious and great quality! I was pleasantly surprised when I tried them for the first time. I will definitely buy them again. Thank you!

P. Oliveira Garcia

I'm not diabetic, but I have been following the keto[genic] diet a little better than a year and a half. Ross Chocolates have been my saving grace!! They are absolutely delicious!!

J. Hachey

Got Ross Chocolate as a gift and am addicted!! So tasty, sooooo creamy, and I need more!!! Being diabetic this is a treat I have been denied far too long. THANKS ROSS!!!!!

M. Walsh

I became diabetic 3 years ago and I'm sure that it was a self made problem because I have such a sweet tooth for chocolate. Since being diagnosed with type 2 I have been sneaking chocolate here and there but since I found Ross Chocolate I don't have to sneak anymore. These bars are soooo good and even if you are not diabetic please try them, they are truly amazing.

D. Kiesman

Best sugar free chocolate on the market! You won't even miss the sugar. 5 stars all around.

H.D. Pero

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In December 2020, Ross Chocolates reported on a study being conducted by the University of British Columbia’s Department of Food, Nutrition and Health, Dietetics. The…

Confectionery Production magazine interview

Editor of Confectionery Production magazine, Neill Barston, speaks exclusively to Phil Hemmings, sales manager at Ross Chocolates, on its no added sugar range of chocolate…

UBC Study: Diabetes & Dark Chocolate

The University of British Columbia’s School of Health and Exercise Sciences, is investigating the effect of dark chocolate on diabetics’ blood glucose levels in a…