Written by: Ross Chocolates

February 26, 2024

At Ross Chocolates, we love to think about new chocolate recipes and flavours. We want to ensure our treats satisfy our customers’ desires while maintaining the high-quality chocolate experience we have worked so hard to develop. We want to be sure the heart of our business is beating strong by keeping pace with the tastes and cravings of our customers, old and new.

We are tremendously careful about changing the ingredients in our plain milk and dark chocolate because not only do we require our base chocolates to have no or minimal effect on blood sugar levels and insulin demands but we also insist the aroma, texture, and flavour of our chocolates remain top in their class. The essence of our chocolate comes from the care and love we put into creating all our recipes.

We always have lots of ideas about flavours to make and sell—as well as packaging, marketing, and other issues—but we know more heads (and tastebuds) are better than fewer, so we need YOU to help us take the pulse of our business and tell us how we are doing.

We look for dedicated chocolate lovers to be Ross Pulse Advisors and help us choose not only the best-tasting versions of our existing and developing recipes but also opinions about our flavours, packaging, sizes, marketing, and other aspects of our work. Pulse Advisors partner with us to guide us—through their opinions and feedback—as we develop new Ross creations.

Ross Pulse Advisors:

  • Must have eaten, or have an interest in, sugar-free chocolate products.
  • Must live in Canada (and have a Canadian mailing address to receive samples).
  • Must have a device (computer, laptop, tablet, and/or smartphone) with internet access (in-home or public) for completing online opinion polls and questions. 
  • Must be able to respond (online) within 10 days of receiving taste tests and online polls and questions.
  • Must give honest, unbiased feedback.

If selected as a Ross Pulse Advisor, you will receive complimentary chocolate, discounts, gift cards, and/or other rewards for actively assisting us.

To apply to be a Ross Pulse Advisor, complete the screening questions. You will be contacted by email within 10 days if you are selected to be Ross Pulse Advisor.

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